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Founded to
women in all aspects of defense and national security.

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of Women In Defense, founded in 2009 by women leaders from Fort Monmouth and Aberdeen Proving Ground to engage, cultivate, and advance women’s careers in defense and national security.

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Build your professional network.

WID Mid-Atlantic provides networking, education, and career development opportunities for you to grow your career in the defense and national security sector. Join with like-minded women in a supportive environment to mutually nurture career advancement, helping each other remove barriers, celebrate success, and build pathways for success. Whether you are early career or enjoying retirement, there is a place for you with the WID Mid-Atlantic chapter. Women In Defense is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with chapters across the country, and is an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association.


In addition to expanding my network and making lifelong friends,  WID connected me to many new opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I’m a member of numerous professional associations and attend a lot of events to do business development for my company. WID is different for me because I can relax and enjoy the camaraderie of people who understand what it is like to have too much to do.

It is easy to get stove piped and only interact with people that you work with. At the chapter events, I’ve met women (and men) from all different commands, and even different government agencies.

I’m a team leader in a government agency at Aberdeen Proving Ground and sometimes I feel alone. Women In Defense’s professional development programs have filled in the gaps for me and helped me get through some hard times.

At this stage of my career, Women In Defense is an opportunity for me to give back and help mentor the next generation of women into positions of leadership.

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